Viewpoint Construction Software


Save time, simplify workflow, and prepare more winning bids with Viewpoint Estimating.

Estimate with confidence. Figure out what your materials, equipment, and labor will cost by using pre-built and customizable databases, based on industry standard labor units. Produce detailed estimates up to 10 times faster than using manual methods and spreadsheets.

Benefits of Viewpoint Estimating

  • Increase speed and reduce costly mistakes as you measure with unmatched accuracy in record time.
  • Leverage digital takeoff technology to eliminate slow, costly, and cumbersome paper plans.

General Contractors
Enhance speed as takeoff data is pulled directly into the estimating process, helping you avoid the time and error of re-entering information.

Specialty Trade Contractors
The software performs calculations and extensions automatically, and includes multi-level breakouts, comprehensive databases, and reporting functions.

Sitework Excavating Contractors
Whether you need to measure cut and fill, or takeoff curb runs, fencing, silt fence, or count items like manholes, catch basins, and inlets, there is a solution for you in Viewpoint For Estimating! This solution helps earthwork contractors to increase accuracy, save valuable time, and minimize the possibility of costly mistakes.

Accurately perform takeoffs for on-target bids and submit more bids in less time with precision and profit margin. Contact Project Resources to learn more.