Viewpoint Construction Software


Collaborative and cloud-based, this project management solution connects back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects, owners, and more, right out of the box.

Viewpoint Team’s out-of-the-box integration with Vista, Viewpoint’s ERP, synchronizes data and workflows for the office, team and field to form a powerful, comprehensive software solution.

Benefits of Viewpoint Team

  • Operations and accounting integrated project management.
  • Collaborate with the extended project team.
  • Deliver projects on time and on schedule.

Project Management
Viewpoint Team is the solution that Project Managers have been waiting for. It’s a powerful core toolset for planning, coordinating, and exercising tight control over projects.
Capture, monitor and mitigate project risk. Observations that might carry general risk can be logged as issues and assigned to team members. Issues are tracked until they’re either closed out or evolve into an RFI or change order.

Avoid delays, confusion, and rework with questions and clarifications created by subcontractor and suppliers directed to and answered by the correct person in the quickest possible time.

Simplify the arduous submittal process. Secure and collaborative workflows for issuing, reviewing, and closing out submittals to keep projects on schedule and ensure they’re constructed to plan and spec.

Construction Documents
For organizing, sharing, and collaborating on project documents from anywhere, anytime. Replaces your network drive or cloud storage solution.

Daily Logs
Capture jobsite details and benefit from powerful web and mobile management and tracking capabilities to ensure a complete record in the event of dispute or litigation.